Managing our exotic commercial forests to protect kiwi

The New Zealand Institute of Forestry is hosting a series of webinars focusing on the crucial topic of protecting kiwi in commercial forests.

As responsible forest managers, it's imperative that we take steps to protect and enhance the kiwi populations residing within our forests.

Previous studies have shown that kiwi populations in exotic forests can exceed those in neighbouring indigenous forests and that it is possible to protect kiwi and continue to manage the forests for commercial wood production.

The webinar will be presented by Craig Balstom of Save the Kiwi, an organisation set up to protect and enhance kiwi populations in New Zealand. Without a lot of help our national icon is at serious risk.

Craig, who is former harvesting contractor, is well placed to provide practical advice on what we can do as professional forest managers to continue to manage our forests and at the same time protect our national bird.

Register on the New Zealand Institute of Forestry event page. 

Registrations close: Thursday, 7 March at 3:00pm.

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7 Mar 2024


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