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report | Research
Protecting our planted and natural forests from insect pests, pathogens and invasive weeds is vital.
report | Data
Brochure published yearly with background information and statistical data on our forest industry.
table | Data
Historic indicative radiata pine prices since 1992.
table | Data
Indicative radiata pine prices and weighted average for the June 2022 quarter.
spreadsheet | Data
Quarterly forestry statistics covering products, volume and value of imports and exports.
spreadsheet | Data
Forestry export statistics covering products, volume, value and destination.
survey | Data
Wood production and stock levels in New Zealand.
survey | Research
Wood in multi-storey construction in Christchurch in 2019 – an assessment of progress since 2014
article | Research
Manaaki Whenua has a strong focus on developing biocontrol methods for managing weeds.
spreadsheet | Data
Forestry import statistics covering products, volume and value of imports.
article | Research
Wasps impact our native birds (tui, bellbird and kaka) and our beech forests.
article | Research
Vespula wasps impact our beekeeping industry and have many social impacts.