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spreadsheet | Data
Forestry import statistics covering products, volume and value of imports.
article | Research
Wasps impact our native birds (tui, bellbird and kaka) and our beech forests.
article | Research
Vespula wasps impact our beekeeping industry and have many social impacts.
survey | Data
The extent forest owners intend to deforest or offset in the ETS.
survey | Data
Survey of tree stock sales from commercial forestry nurseries
report | Data
NEFD report and tables to investigate wood processing opportunities.
graph | Data
Interactive graph showing the total harvest by species for 2018 to 2020.
other | Research
There is a growing need to diversify into other forest species.
article | Research
Trees, forests and using wood products are some of the best immediate responses to climate change.
graph | Data
Interactive graph showing age class distribution by region.
graph | Data
Interactive graph showing forest distribution by region from 1990 to 2020.
report | Research
Scion has conducted and completed research using drones to detect tree stems and take measurements.