Manage the harvest yourself

Your harvest will only be a success if everything is organised correctly. There is a lot to do, and some steps need to be completed well before harvesting can begin.

Arrange yourself or engage a harvest manager?

If you only plan to harvest occasionally, using a harvest manager is likely to be the best option. If you are working towards harvesting regularly you may wish to take a more active role in overseeing the operation. 

There's a lot to organise

If you are managing the harvest yourself, you will need to arrange several activities. These include:

  • engaging appropriate contractors with suitable harvesting machinery
  • financing the planning and set up costs
  • applying for resource consent
  • preparing harvest and environmental management plans
  • constructing roads and skid sites
  • marketing the logs
  • customer relationship management
  • wood-flow scheduling and reconciliation
  • health and safety management
  • invoicing
  • contractor payments.

If you have not done this before it can be a lot of work, and difficult to do right.

Arranging harvesting of your forest and marketing of your logs is a specialised field. If you plan on doing it yourself you should have previous experience.