Post-harvest inspections

You need to inspect the harvest area and surrounds, and access roads before harvesting contractors leave the site. Your site will need to comply with the National Environmental Standards for Commercial Forestry, resource consent requirements and other clean up conditions. 

Post-harvest clean up and inspection

It's important to have an agreed post-harvest checklist or handover in place with your harvest manager or contractors. This checklist is for what you need to be done as a forest owner. It is not to cover what is in the harvest plan. For example, you may have fence or water troughs that need repairing.

You need to carry out a post-harvest site inspection before the harvest manager and contractors leave the site. This will give you assurance the work has been completed to a high standard.

Resource consent inspections

If there is resource consent for your site, make sure the harvest manager arranges council inspection before the harvest contractors leave the site. If the consent officer finds any compliance issues ask them to notify you, the harvest manager, and contractors in writing. This will be part of your final site check.