Land preparation for planting trees

Land preparation is important for a successful planting operation. To prepare your site, you may need to clear weeds (such as gorse, broom, blackberry or thistles), set up fencing to keep out stock, carry out pest control, do intensive grazing, apply fertiliser and put in tracks or roads to allow easy access to the site. 

What type of land needs to be prepared?

The land you prepare is generally 1 of 2 types – unforested with vegetation cover or harvested land ready for replanting.

Make sure you check whether your council has any rules about vegetation clearance.

Good land preparation improves site conditions

Getting your land preparation right at the start will help improve the conditions of your site to:

  • improve tree growth, establishment and survival
  • reduce vegetation (weed) competition
  • allow a larger window for future releasing activity 
  • improve access to planting and ongoing forest management
  • loosen soil to allow for root growth
  • improve soil, water and air quality
  • reduce frost risk
  • reduce erosion.

When you should start your land preparation

Before you start preparing your land you need to work out:

  • why you want to plant
  • where you want to plant
  • what you are going to plant
  • when you want to plant. 

This will help you work out the best way to prepare your land, when to start and what else you need to think about.