Get planting advice and help

There are many organisations around the country that can help you – from planting guides, to advice on what to plant and how to manage your forest. 


Councils have information on:

  • what grows well in your area on their website
  • local biodiversity information
  • funding native plants for community groups doing restoration planting on public land
  • waterway restoration including information about community groups active in restoring waterways in your area.
Council maps and websites – Local Government New Zealand

Māori Land Court

If you own or have an interest in Māori land, the Māori Land Court is a judicial forum through which you can interact with other owners or interested people about the current and future use, ownership, occupation and/or management of Māori land.

Māori Land Court


Your local nursery can let you know what grows well in your area. You can also ask them for specific advice such as whether the species you have selected is poisonous.

Plant Producer Member Directory – New Zealand Plant Producers Incorporated

Te Tumu Paeroa

Te Tumu Paeroa is an advisory group working with Māori landowners to make the best of their land. This might involve identifying opportunities, planning and providing ongoing support.

Te Tumu Paeroa

Whenua Oho

Whenua Oho support and assist Māori landowners into forestry opportunities. They can help you make informed decisions about how forestry, including native forests, can assist in delivering valuable outcomes socially, environmentally and commercially.

Whenua Oho

Trees That Count

Trees That Count have regional guides for planting native trees. They also provide some funding.

Regional guides for planting natives – Trees That Count

Tane's Tree Trust

Tane’s Tree Trust has a technical handbook for planting and managing native trees. They also have species profiles and other publications on native trees.

Publications – Tane's Tree Trust


DairyNZ have regional guides for riparian planting and a riparian planner. They also have guides to planting trees on farms for specific reasons like bees or shelter.

Riparian management – DairyNZ Riparian Planner – DairyNZ Planting trees on farms – DairyNZ

Beef and Lamb New Zealand

Beef and Lamb New Zealand have guidance for farmers. These include fact sheets on shelter and fodder.

Knowledge Hub – Beef and Lamb New Zealand

Poplar and Willow Research Trust

The Poplar and Willow Research Trust has information on planting poplars and willows for erosion control. These include planting videos and fact sheets.

Poplar and Willow Research Trust Trees for the farm: A decision support tool for farmers – Poplar and Willow Research Trust

Trees for Bees

Trees for bees have guides for planting for bees.

Publications – Trees for bees

Department of Conservation

The Department of Conservation has some local plant restoration guides.

Local planting guides – Department of Conservation

New Zealand Farm Forestry Association

New Zealand Farm Forestry provides information for those with small forestry blocks including species, planting and management.

Farm Forestry New Zealand

NZ Landcare Trust

NZ Landcare Trust works with farmers, landowners and community groups to improve the sustainability of our land and waterways.

NZ Landcare Trust

New Zealand Institute of Forestry

The New Zealand Institute of Forestry (NZIF) provides access to professionals working across all aspects of forestry, such as forests that are used for timber production, conservation, recreation, biodiversity, carbon storage, erosion control and water quality.

Find a registered professional – New Zealand Institute of Forestry