• Land preparation

    Land preparation is important for a successful planting operation.

  • How to clear vegetation

    Before you plant, you need to clear your land of competing vegetation like weeds and get it ready for planting.

  • Fencing

    Is fencing the right choice? When you should fence, where and what types you could use.

  • Planting tree seedlings

    How to plant your seeds, pros and cons of different plant containers and helpful planting videos.

  • Looking after your native seedlings

    Help your seedlings thrive and survive by protecting them from weeds and pests, and monitoring them.

  • Plant guards

    Learn about the different types of plant guards and when to use them.

  • Dealing with planting delays

    Find out what to do if you need to delay planting your site.

  • Establishing ETS forest land

    Land can only be registered in the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) if it meets specific requirements.