Ngā ngahere hei wāhi mahi, hei wāhi tākaro Ngahere for work and play

Ngahere provide opportunities for jobs, like mountain biking guides or other tourism ventures. They also provide spaces for play and recreational activities.

Work and play opportunities

Ngahere can have:

  • walking tracks
  • mountain biking trails
  • horse riding trails.

Ngahere can provide:

  • places for people to relax
  • education opportunities for schools
  • income that contributes to regional development and social wellbeing.

Urban ngahere examples

The Redwoods – Whakarewarewa Forest

The Redwoods – Whakarewarewa forest in Rotorua combines work, play and tourism. It’s easily accessible being a 5-minute drive from the city centre.

The ngahere is an exotic tree ngahere with a native understorey known for its unique Redwoods. It has:

  • walking, hiking and running tracks
  • mountain biking trails for all levels 
  • horse riding trails
  • picnicking and gathering spaces
  • a treetops walk with suspension bridges to walk between 27 majestic Redwood trees. This award-winning tourism activity is designed for day and night. Unique lanterns light up the forest at night.

The ngahere provides play and work opportunities for locals. It's an attraction for visitors too.

Crankworx also run the biggest mountain bike event in the Southern Hemisphere in Rotorua's ngahere.

Wellington’s green belts

Wellington has inner and outer green belts that provide recreational spaces for residents and visitors. The green belts are strips of tree-filled wilderness spaces.

They provide:

  • space to protect and restore nature
  • walking tracks
  • mountain biking trails
  • a mix of parks, reserves, green spaces and forest (native and exotic)
  • opportunities for people to relax in nature.

The green belt ngahere have been used as a location set when filming Lord of Rings. They provide tourism opportunities like guided walks and Lord of the Rings tours.

The green belts also provide educational benefits for Wellington. These include mountain bike classes and education opportunities.

Next steps

See how mātauranga and Māori innovation can guide your ngahere project.